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I'm not sure how Hozier has as much soul as he does. The Irishman sings with the intensity and passion in a style that's suited perfectly for his talents. Hozier sings and plays soul like the greats did in the 60s and 70s and couldn't fit in better in the genre if his album cover had a Motown sticker on it. Hozier is amazing and his self-titled solo album is too.

We're a little late with this review, but we're also obligated to mention one of the best pieces of music that was released in 2014 without completely leaving the year behind in the rear-view mirror. Hozier's self-titled release is brilliant because of two main factors - Hozier's songwriting style - lyrically and musically; and the intelligence by his label and producer Rob Kirwan to know a good thing when they hear it and leave it the hell alone.

I love Hozier's record. It's not an album for every mood, but when it's dark and I'm not in my usual cheery mood I'll pop this in and embrace the blues with Hozier, there hasn't been a better record to do that to in years.


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