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Castlecomer’s label debut for Concord is a self-titled effort that does a good job of introducing the world to a band that’s climbed to the top of the indie genre over the past couple of years. The Australian act has an original sound that plays nicely through eleven songs. It doesn’t wow you across the entire record, but it certainly has its moments.

Castlecomer’s original sound is easily the best draw that the band has going for them. There’s not a band running that has a sound like them. They’re like the easy-going version of The 1975 that way. Nobody is doing what they’re doing. On songs like “All of the Noise” and “Fire Alarm” there’s a sonic wave of indie enthusiasm that takes you to another place. Those two songs and “Apes” are the best tracks on the record. This is indie alternative pop sprinkled in with some techno elements. On those three upbeat tracks, they’re outstanding. But on the softer songs on the record like “Leaving” and “Favourite”, they’re just as good.

Castlecomer’s debut is a nice introduction to the band. There are a couple moments of monotony, but for the most part it’s exciting and fresh and fun to listen to. Give this a listen if you’re looking for something new, you won’t be disappointed.


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