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You Me At Six


You Me at Six has done a good job of evolving over their six LPS. Their sixth album, aptly titled VI, is probably their most mature album to date. It’s diverse and authentic. While it’s not as polished as some of the band’s previous work, it does do a good job of incorporating more of an indie vibe to the band’s sound.

The indie vibe is incorporated into the album in several ways. You Me at Six hasn’t really had an album like this lyrically. Usually, the band’s tracks are a little more grandiose. They’re tackling big subjects in generalized ways. On this record, the lyrics are more personal, even if some of them don’t work all the time. The band’s also incorporating a lot of electric and synth elements onto this record. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. When the band is just using it to accompany their sound, it works great. When the band is doing it to distort vocals, like on “Losing You” it doesn’t.

When a band has put together six albums, they’ll have different eras. The first era for You Me at Six was a good one. It was basic Americanized pop punk. The band’s second era was arena friendly, and it was better. So far, the band’s third era – they’re indie pop era – isn’t off to as good of a start. There are elements of this album that are good, but it still feels like somewhat of a letdown as a longtime fan of the band. It’s cool that they’re going to different places, I’m just not so sure I like where they’re heading.


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