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Mirror Master

Young The Giant remain one of the most underrated acts in alternative music. Sure, they get some recognition in the genre and they have a great rep among music lovers, but they don’t get the credit they deserve outside of that. Young The Giant has put out some amazing music since their debut ten years ago and they’ve done to known by everybody, not just their current demographic of music lovers.

With their fourth record, Mirror Master, Young The Giant does a lot different sonically than what we’ve heard from them on their past couple of records. Sonically, Mirror Master is a middle-of-the-road album for the most part. There’s not a huge focus on catchy hooks and there’s not a lot of uptempo tracks. There’s not even a lot of funk-infused rock here. Instead, it’s a lot of middling, bordering on somber, tracks that are more focused on matching their tone with some very introspective lyrics. Young The Giant frontman Samir Gadhia and the guys use Mirror Master as an outlet to express thoughts on themselves and use that as a tool for audiences to relate to. That’s not altogether a new concept for music, it’s just something you don’t hear a lot of in the current music climate.

Sonically, Mirror Master is a little different, but there are some consistent factors with Young The Giant that hold true. Gadhia is still the best vocalist in alternative music, and at this point it’s almost like he doesn’t have to try. He’s so good here that even though there aren’t a lot of big hooks on this record, you basically don’t notice because Samir is good enough to catch your attention. As long as Gadhia is a part of Young The Giant, everything they release will be really god. Maybe, I’m not giving the rest of the guys credit, because they’re really an outstanding band, but Gadhia is that damn good on his own.

Young The Giant’s fourth record Mirror Master holds up with the rest of the band’s catalog and that’s all it had to do to be a success. Outside of the singles and the title track there’s not a lot of elite YTG songs, but there’s enough here to keep fans content and get them to come out to shows too.


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