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Formerly of Dead Letter Diaries and Eye Alaska, Roy English started Jagwar Twin and developed it with producers S1 and Linus. The sound of Jagwar Twin couldn’t be further away from English’s previous projects. The result of English’s team-up with S1 and Linus is something that’s part WALK THE MOON, part Gnarls Barkley, and part Lorde.

S1’s fingerprints are all over the sound of this record. The album’s incredibly diverse and that allows English to really show off his vocal range – which is also all over the place. The songs vary in style in some major ways. Some are incredibly smooth like “Dream/Dream”, “Loser”, and “Move To You” and others subtly link back to English’s Eye Alaska days, even if it’s just the melody. There are a couple of constants; S1’s production and his influence with space on this record really makes a different. Musically, the beats, the melodies, and the instrumentation can breathe. That makes a big difference with the overall sound of the record. It allows English’s vocal to be the star of the show and ‘the less-is-more’ usage really helps set the mood on all these songs.

When it comes to English, you can’t really give him enough credit for what he’s doing here. His vocal range is comparable to none and it’s always smooth. When English’s vocal hits the falsetto range it’s just as good as when he’s trying to do something a little more brooding and deeper. The production and the vocal on this record are the clear standout factors.

You hear “Loser” from Jagwar Twin and you think, ‘oh hey, that’s a nice song, maybe it does something.’ But then you listen to the whole record and it’s damn good. This really should be getting more attention than it is because it’s brilliant. Hopefully more people pick up on Jagwar Twin, this music deserves to be heard by everyone.


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