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From the Road

Grizfolk's From the Road EP is one of the more curious releases that I can remember in a long time. That's for a number of reasons. The first is that the band to date has only released one other EP. The second is that they sound almost completely different live than they do in the studio - even Adam Roth's vocal. The other thing that comes to mind with this EP is the song selection. This isn't the live version of their EP, there are new songs included with a few retreads and their song "The Struggle" - probably the song that their most known for - isn't included on the release.

Roth's vocal on this EP is an immediate improvement on this live EP. It was actually very good with the band's studio release, but in a live environment Roth sounds a bit like David Gray. It's an interesting sound that echoes will in the arena ready environment the band was playing in. His vocal and just the live sound of Grizfolk in general make me a fan of this EP. There are a couple of rough spots here, especially in intros, but it's a live release so that's completely forgivable.

Grizfolk's From the Road is strangely a more captivating listen than their studio release. Adam Roth sounds better and the honesty of the live format fits the band well. I'm not sure where this fits, but it's a welcome addition at the end of 2014.


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