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Boston Manor

Welcome to the Neighbourhood

Boston Manor's sophomore album, Welcome to the Neighbourhood is inspired by the downturn of their hometown, Blackpool. Blackpool didn't always use to be a rough spot, but in recent years it's became a spot that's got a lot of problems, chief amonth them - heroine. So, Boston Manor went from a pop punk act that was pretty cheerful, to a dark act that bleeds brooding. That's at least what you can say about their latest album.

There's a lot going on with this record. The style of the songs, while managing to keep that brooding edge, is kind of all over the place. You can go through and hear everything from Rise Against and Bayside, to The VirginMarys and other modern twists on grunge music. This album takes a lot of sharp turns and it's filled with a lot of unexpected songs. Sure, it moves effortlessly from song to song, but you'll be really surprised when you hear a song like "Halo" and then a few songs later you have a song like "Tunnel Vision", the path from those songs is 3-4 songs but the tracks are drastically different. Still, it seems like such an effortless transition.

Boston Manor's sophomore effort, Welcome to the Neighbourhood showcases a huge amount of growth that's going to be a surprise to pretty much anyone who listened to their debut. It's brooding, diverse, and best of all it's really good. Give this one a listen. You won't regret it.


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