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Summer is a Curse EP

From Perth, Australia – The Faim is the next buzz band that’s going to take off. Their new EP, Summer Is a Curse is six songs long and it’s filled with guest features and some great songs. Vocalist Josh Raim has a delivery that’s like Brendan Urie’s early days and The Faim has a knack for creating rhythm infused pop punk that really delivers something unique to the alternative genre.

“Summer is a Curse” – the title track off the record has been out for a bit and it’s the best possible introduction to the band. The driving rhythm and accenting piano along with Raim’s vocal create something special. Following that with the slickly produced “A Million Stars” and the barebones “Make Believe” really showcases multiple personalities for The Faim in just three songs. “I Can Feel You” starts out a lot like “Make Believe” and then it turns into something crazy with some fun drums and a huge chorus. “My Heart Needs to Breathe” feels like a song co-written by twenty one pilots and Panic! At the Disco, and “When It Comes” is a nice beat-driven but ambient song that finishes the EP off on a nice note.

The Faim is sure to be famous, that’s about as corny as a line as I can come up with, but this EP is ridiculously good. All six songs on this EP can be loaded into multiple playlists and listened to over and over. If you listen to this EP once, you’ll be listening to it for the rest of 2018.


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