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Third Eye Blind

Thanks For Everything

Third Eye Blind isn’t the most prolific band when it comes to releasing music, but when we can get something new, I suppose we’ll take it. The band’s latest release is a covers EP featuring 7 obscure cover songs from some very cool bands. Third Eye Blind covers everything from Bon Iver to Queens of the Stone Age here and they do it more than capably.

The cool thing about these songs is that Third Eye Blind really dug in and made them they’re own. The originals are all really great songs and they’re all better, but Third Eye Blind does a good job of making something new with these covers. Their version of Babyshambles’ “Fuck Forever” sounds drastically different than the original; as does their version of Bon Iver’s “Blood Bank.” All these cover songs stay true enough to their originals to be deemed as covers while being different enough to be Third Eye Blind songs. There’s a nice balance in that respect and that’s part of what makes the album such a fun listen.

For Third Eye Blind fans, this is easy to listen to. It’s a great record and a lot of fun too. Plus, proceeds from the release go to benefit the Andy Warhol museum in Pittsburgh. Listen to this on your favorite music service once and you’ll be listening to it over and over again.


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