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Let's Go Sunshine

The fifth album from The Kooks is Let’s Go Sunshine, and it does what you’d expect a fifth album to do from a band that’s been around for over a decade. It takes the best of what the band has done in their tenure and really builds on it from a lyrical and sonic standpoint. Then, it adds just enough new to find new listeners while managing to keep the old audience happy.

So, there’s the fifth album in a nutshell. It’s not going to be revolutionary 99% of the time and it’s not going to be anything but decent most of the time. Yet, on Let’s Go Sunshine, The Kooks have managed to make an album that’s good. Luke Pritchard has always done a good job vocally, it’s his lyrics over the years that have been average. With this record, he’s ramped things up considerably. Lyrically, this is the best Kooks record that there’s been in years. As far as the songwriting goes from a melody standpoint, that’s damn good too. Sure, there’s a lot of woah oh woahs and other British audible hooks, but they fit with the song. They manage to be a lovable trait instead of an annoying one whenever they’re used. Songs like “Kids”, “Honey Bee”, “Initials for Gainsbourg, “Chicken Bone”, and “Four Leaf Clover” will get listened to over and over.

The Kooks Let’s Go Sunshine” manages to contemporize a band that’s always had an odd place in the music landscape. Outside of the UK, they’ve probably never gotten their due for what they’ve done. Pritchard and his mates have managed to make some great music over the years and you can add this album to that list.


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