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Alkaline Trio

Is This Thing Cursed?

There’s lots to love with Alkaline Trio. For better or worse, they’ve always been themselves. They’ve crafted pop anthems on the side of punk rock, but all of their music has been pretty catchy over the years. When the band announced they were going to release a new album, their first in four years, you knew exactly what you were getting; a badass Alkaline Trio album.

Is This Thing Cursed? delivered upon those expectations. It’s filled with crisp harmonies, catchy melodies, tremendous musicianship, and witty lyrics. Every song on this album is just as good as the previous one, and it stacks up some of the band’s best work. Some of the band’s most fun songs since Agony & Irony are on this record. “Little Help”, “Pale Blue Ribbon”, and “Goodbye Fire Island” all get thrown in as personal all-time favorite Alkaline Trio tracks.

Is This Thing Cursed? is a ridiculously good album from Alkaline Trio, but so is everything that the band has released. They’re just one of those bands in the punk genre, if you love them, then you love pretty much everything they do. If you’re in that group, you have plenty to love with their latest record.


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