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As It Is

The Great Depression

The other band to come across the Atlantic with pop punk leanings other than Neck Deep is As It Is. They’re an outstanding band that’s been around for a little over five years and they’ve released three really good albums. That includes their latest, The Great Depression.
As It Is hasn’t released the same album twice. They have three very different albums. Never Happy, Ever After is the You Me At Six type of record from the band that highlights pop punk’s arena-friendly era. okay. is a throwback to the genre’s glory days. It’s about as pure pop punk as you can get. Then, The Great Depression is completely different. It’s dark. It’s brooding. It’s almost like a hybrid of My Chemical Romance and AFI. It’s not the bright and sunny As It Is that we’ve heard on their past couple of records. There’s a lot of screaming here and the guitars are overdriven and ramped up to about 13. It’s crazy how different this record is from their previous two. The sound and vibe of As It Is is different but how good these guys are hasn’t changed. Patty Walters is getting better with every record as a vocalist. He does more his voice and style has evolved. The guitars… yeah, they sound different but, but they’re still outstanding. The drums with Patrick Foley remain some of the best going in rock right now too.
As It Is’s The Great Depression is a darker outing from the band that’s going to appeal to a whole new group of listeners for As It Is. There are 12 songs here and they’re all good. It’s dark and brooding, and it’s a head-nodding exercise in awesomeness. Be sure to check out this one.


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