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With Confidence

Love and Loathing

With Confidence has been a rising act in the pop punk genre since their debut, Better Weather came out. With good reason too… even the B-sides from that album are tremendous. Vocalist Jayden Seeley has the perfect vocal for pop punk and the trio write some of the best guitar and vocal hooks in the pop punk genre in over a decade. Their sophomore record is Love and Loathing and it’s just as good as their debut.

Just like the last record, Seeley’s vocal hooks are outstanding. On songs like “That Something”, “Moving Boxes”, and especially “Spinning” – Seeley’s ability to write hooks that suit his vocal perfectly are shown off in the choruses of those songs. Really the songwriting in general with With Confidence is top-notch. They also have some out crazy-good production on their side with this record. Everything in that area is perfect too. Again with the vocal; it’s recorded perfectly, but the drums and how punchy they hit… it’s awesome. The production and song writing on this record is polished and perfect but it still manages to feel organic.

With Confidence is outstanding. They’re at the forefront of a genre that’s enjoying a mini resurgence. If you’ve ever liked anything pop punk, give this one a listen, you’re likely to find something you’ll love.


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