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finding it hard to smile

Making their label debut is the stylistically lowercase lovelytheband. The group’s debut is finding it hard to smile. Every single song on this record – all sixteen of them – start with a lowercase letter. Not sure why, but it’s interesting. Maybe it’s part of the band’s contradictory nature, like how they take negative things and make them sound positive. Stuff like depression, angst, self-loathing and relationship woes are spun with bright and cheery melodies making everything on this record sound woefully happy.

What’s crazy about lovelytheband’s latest album is that it plays like a dance party but listens like a soundtrack for drinking alone. Lyrically, there’s hardly a happy moment on this record, (“these are my friends” is a nice break to the verbal monotony on this record.) Everything’s clever as hell, don’t get that wrong, but there’s not really a moment of positive self-reflection. The lyrics and how they’re crafted amount to be one of the best parts of this album. The melody writing is just as good. The melodies in the intros and in the verses for nearly every song on this album are intoxicating. The programming is used to perfection. lovelytheband really understand how to use synths to bolster a sound instead of making that the focal point of the music.

lovelytheband’s debut album is a fun, but somewhat depressing affair. This record makes this band stand out in the crowd of a lot of bands doing and saying the same things right now. That’s cool. It’s not going to put them at the top of the alternative genre or anything like that, but it’s a good start and it’s pretty damn interesting.


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