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Dallas Dorsey

Dallas Dorsey EP

When it comes to country and alt-country, I’m not sure there’s a big difference. I’m thinking that alt country means that the music has some integrity to it while country just means it was made specifically for the mainstream country music audience. That’s how it exists in 2018 anyway. Either way, there’s been some underrated independent country musicians to come out over the past few years and our way of pushing them is by calling them alt-country. It’s probably not the best tactic, but it’s one we’ll take when the music is as good as it is with a guy like Dallas Dorsey.

Dorsey’s debut self-titled EP is five songs worth of Dorsey showing off. He’s a great vocalist. His vocal is distinct, and it matches up well with the music here to create some slick harmonizing when Dorsey doesn’t have somebody with a guest vocal doing that anyway. His guitar work is also exceptional. “Don’t Call Me” is a great example of some of those harmony elements. His solo work on that song combined with his vocal make that song memorable. Other songs on this EP like “Stranger” and “Let It Loose” really has Dorsey showing off his guitar skills while showcasing Dorsey’s unique lyric crafting style. The other real positive with this EP is the production. Stellar production on the independent level can be tricky. Especially with music like this; it’s supposed to have a dingey vibe to it. It does but it also sounds good too. Dorsey and his crew really pull it off that balance well. Everything is tracked and record superbly here.

Dorsey’s debut EP has a lot going for it. Really, Dorsey has a lot going for him. His guitar, vocals, and song writing are all great and his style his pretty unique too. It’s kind of like Will Hoge, with less angst and a lighter vocal. Dorsey does a tremendous job with this EP. Country or alt-country, whatever you want to call it, it’s worth listening to.


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