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Numb (Acoustic) - single review

When Linkin Park lost Chester Bennington, the world lost a sensitive soul whose voice resonated with millions. Bennington was special. His voice bled emotion and whether he was singing or screaming he was a once in a lifetime talent. To honor Chester a year after he passed away The Veer Union has released an acoustic version of Linkin Park’s “Numb” – one of Bennington’s best works.

Instead of the identifiable electronic line at the beginning of the song, The Veer Union have some tightly tuned acoustic guitar and that sets up the song impeccably. That guitar line permeates through the entire song and some nice strumming accompanies. It’s as good as an acoustic version of the song that you’ll find that wasn’t actually done by Linkin Park. As for the vocal, I’d never thought that Crispin Earl was an amazing vocalist. I always thought he was good and I always thought he was charismatic, but I didn’t think he was amazing. Here he’s amazing. Really. I didn’t think that anybody could come close to singing “Numb” as well as Bennington did it, and it remains to be seen whether Earl could do it live, but this recording is great. Crispin Earl’s vocal is perfect for this ode to Bennington.

This cover of “Numb” leads into what The Veer Union is doing next - Decade 2: Rock and Acoustic - well. In the meantime, we can go ahead and add this to our playlists for something to listen until we get the next release.


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