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It’s fitting that The Hunna and DREAMERS would release their second set of music around the same time. Both impressed with their debut albums in 2016 when they were released roughly around the same time. The Hunna with 100 was incredibly striking, but DREAMERS had an even more notable debut album with This Album Does Not Exist. Now, instead of going the sophomore LP route, DREAMERS have released a new EP, called Launchstrong>.

The new DREAMERS EP is far less angsty than the debut album. It’s a little more laid back and a little more fun. All four of these songs are under four minutes long and they play like quick anthems to cheer someone up who’s in the doldrums. Don’t get me wrong, the angst is still there, especially if you listen to the lyrics on a song like “SCREWS”; they’re just masked with harmonized bro-choruses and peppy guitar riffs. “Fake It Til You Make It” is more of a pop song that borders on being something that Fitz and the Tantrums would do. Black & White lets the rhythm section do the brunt of the work until the chorus hits with something catchy. “Karma” is a badass rock track that finishes the set capably and leaves the audience waiting for the next set of music from the band. The guitar work on that song is outstanding.

DREAMERS had a strong debut album and their EP is just as good. It would be nice to have a few more songs from these guys, but I’m sure we’ll get another EP in 2019 to scratch the itch. DREAMERS are another new band to be reckoned with and another band that you should be listening to.


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