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Hertfordshire, UK band The Hunna are back with their sophomore album, Dare, following up their strong debut, 100. With their latest record The Hunna ups the ante. Ryan Potter’s vocal is twice as good on this record as it was on their debut and the songwriting is better across the board. Dare has ten songs worth of quality music that proves that if you’re not with The Hunna yet, you should be.

Dare starts out with the title track and it’s the perfect opener. The opening guitar riff sets the tone for the rest of the record and the thick rhythm underneath sets the mood for a cool rock track. Following up the opener is “One”, a smoother track that has some very cool verses that lead their way into a chaotic swirl of melody in the chorus. “Fever” starts out edgier right away but eventually leads itself into something that’s driven far more by the rhythm section of Junate Angine and Jack Metcalfe. “Babe Can I Call” is an interesting song that borders on being a new wave track because of some light synth work and the bass line. “Flickin’ Your Hair is comparable to “Dare” in some ways; mainly because it’s one of the more melodic tracks on the set and the hook in the chorus is one of the best on the album. Other standouts on the album include “NY to LA”, “Summer”, and “Mother” – a song that Potter wrote for his mom after she passed away. It’s a touching song and a real moment on the album that will comfort a lot of people.

The Hunna continues to impress. They did so with 100 and they do with Dare. Ryan Potter continues to grow as a vocalist and his ability is distinctive and original. Dan Dorney’s guitar is just as characteristic as Potter’s vocal and the bass/drums of Angin and Metcalfe are tremendous. The Hunna is one of the best rock bands going right now and everyone in the genre will do well to start noticing.


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