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The Protest’s Legacy shows off the potential of this group from Newcastle, IN. They have incredible range sonically and Josh Bramlett has just as big of a range on his vocals. Legacy is a tremendous 10-track record that ebbs and flows the way a good record should and it’s a great introduction to a band that some of us might not be acquainted with yet.

Songs like “Valor”, “What Else You Got?”, “Take My Heart”, “Noise Revolution” and “Stitched” show off the band’s nice melodic chops while songs like “Legacy”, “Knockout”, and “Straight from the Barrel” show off the band’s edgier, hard rock side. Either way – the guitar work done by these guys is great, the production is better, and the vocals and songwriting are top-notch too.

The Protest’s Legacy is an insanely good rock record. We’re in on songs “Take My Heart” and “Noise Revolution” but the deeper we dig into the record the more we find to like. There’s lots to like with The Protest on their latest record. It’s not their first, but surely, it’s the best they’ve done so far. Give this one a listen, you’re likely to love what you hear.


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