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Like a Drug - Single Review

Charming Liars doesn’t shy away from sensitive or serious subjects and their latest single, “Like a Drug” fits the standard that they’ve established in their five-year run as a band. The song is about a failed escape from a toxic relationship.

Lead singer Killiyan Maguire bleeds brooding depression through the speakers on this one – and that’s a good thing. His raspy voice synchronizes perfectly with the theme of the song. The vocals from Maguire are great and guitarist/producer Karnig Manoukian does a tremendous job with programming some light synths on this as well as some awesome guitar spots too. He pushes all the right buttons at the right times here and he really sets the stage well for Maguire to shine. As for bassist Mike Kruger, it’s hard to have a brooding song without some awesome bass work and he’s the fuel that keeps the band going on this song.

Maguire, Manoukian, and Kruger make up a great trio and their latest “Like a Drug” sets the stage for their continued evolution. It’s a great song and it shows some legitimate growth as a band for Charming Liars.


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