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The Freuders

Omniform EP

The Freuders, a four-piece rock act out of Warsaw, Poland show some remarkable potential all on their new EP, Omniform. I’d be lying if I wasn’t initially terrified by the no-faced horned creature on the front of the album, but the dark and brooding form on the cover fits the theme of the album’s overall vibe well.

On Omniform, two things stand apart as things Thee Freuders do well. First, their guitar work is exemplary. The production/recording of all things guitar are done well on this album too. Nothing’s oversaturated and the band writes their parts like some great acts from the 90’s. It’s hard to compare anything to Alice In Chains, but these guys are like a budding Polish version. They’re as close as I’ve ever heard to a band that can capture their own distinct vibe the way that Alice In Chains could do in their prime. Granted, they’ve got a long way to go as act, but some of their building blocks are outstanding. Having that kind of an identifiable sound isn’t something that every band gets to build from and on this four song EP, The Freuders have that.

The other thing that sticks out for The Freuders is just how lovably odd everything is here when it comes to melody and song structure. Part of that is because the band is from a different country and not everything musical translates on point. But part of it goes back to the identity factor – something that The Freuders have. If you’re looking for something that’s a little bit out of the norm but also has some nostalgia to it. Look no further than The Freuders and their new EP.


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