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Panic! at the Disco

Pray for the Wicked

Few acts have evolved the way Panic! at the Disco has over their tenure. Really, there’s less of a ‘they’ than there was when the band came out with “I Write Sins No Tragedies” all those years ago. Now, Panic! at the Disco is about Brendan Urie as a performer, as a vocalist, and as a songwriter.

The latest from Panic! at the Disco is Pray for the Wicked and It can be deemed as Urie’s best work to date. It’s theatrical and catchy and it really has Urie playing to his strengths all across the record. Unorthodox vocals, a smooth vocal, catchy melodies, and big sweeping production that captures everything from big bass and drum lines, synths, and sweeping horns. I always thought that Pretty. Odd. was the quintessential Panic! album when they were a band, and that Death of a Bachelor was it’s equal for Urie as more a less a solo act. Scratch that, because the latest album from Panic! is their greatest.

It’s been an interesting evolution for Urie and for Panic!. Thirteen years ago he was more a less a scared kid in a hip genre that a lot of us thought would be a small splash in the scene and never to be heard from again. Now he’s a big voice for LGBQT rights and other social issues, a Broadway star, and a musician that continues to make exceptional art that never sounds the same. A lot can be said for Urie and his development and Pray for the Wicked is just the latest Panic! album that will be the best until the next one comes out.


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