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Staying At Tamara's

George Ezra’s sophomore album is Staying at Tamara’s and really, it’s vastly different from the UK singer/songwriter’s debut album, Wanted on Voyage. With his debut you could really hear his youth. With this album you can really hear his growth and development as a songwriter. His lyrics have more depth and his songs and melodies retain their sophistication while adding a lot of hooks and addictive elements.

Staying at Tamara’s features eleven songs with big choruses and lots of depth. “Pretty Shining People”, “Shotgun” “Paradise” and “Hold My Girl” all have potential as singles to do some special things and be infinitely more successful than “Budapest.” That doesn’t even add “Don’t Matter Now” which was a great kickoff to the album cycle. Regarding album tracks “Get Away” and “Sugarcoat” are great and “Only Human” is deep song that’s perfect for late night thinking sessions.

George Ezra’s sophomore album impresses and shows that the UK singer/songwriter remains an artist on the rise. More success should come his way and as he continues to grow and develop as an artist it will be fun to hear what he does next.


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