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18th & Addison

Vultures EP

18th & Addison caught our attention with their last album, Makeshift Monster. It was a solid album with some fun pop punk songs featuring both male and female vocals and more depth and quality than a duo should be able to pull off. Their new EP, Vultures builds and improves on that. In fact, these four songs are better than anything on the last album and that’s really saying something. “Not My Home” is a fun way to kick off the EP, “Time Bomb” should be picked up on pop punk playlists as a fun track that’s got plenty of edge, and “Waves” and “Bitter Half” are both quality songs that round up a solid EP. 18th & Addison continue to garner attention as they should. If the way they evolved from their last album to this EP is any indication, their next release will really be something.


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