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Nathan Johnson’s LOYA returns with Komaglass, an album that has him switching gears from industrial rock and complex rock like Nine Inch Nails and the Deathtones to something more along the lines of the electronic genre. It’s an album that has it’s share of ups with a few downs, but it’s also an album that you can always hear and appreciate the artistic scope of.

“Lunar Hands” serves as the opener of the record and it’s a good introduction to the new LOYA production style. “Frozen” is kind of a nice transition track for Johnson – there’s a little bit of crunching guitar to go along with that new electronic production style. “Heptapod” and “Frozen” or nice atmospheric songs that feature some decent vocal work – although the work on “Frozen” is better than “Heptapod” because Johnson tries to use autotune as an artistic element and it doesn’t quite resonate the way it needs to through the entire song. The rest of the album is filled with solid production and some very good and very interesting vocal work done by Johnson.

LOYA has always been an interesting project to listen to. Johnson’s music has been influenced by Tool, A Perfect Circle, Deftones, Nine Inch Nails, and a lot of other industrial art rock artists, but here he really tried to introduce new elements into his music and stretch himself creatively. For the most part it works. Not every gamble Johnson does here will pay off with everyone but true artists take risks and that’s definitely what Johnson is.


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