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FREEMAN, abstract artist and rock ‘n’ roll act just released Truth and it’s immensely enjoyable. If you love late 60’s and early 70’s simplistic rock, like the Rolling Stones, Dylan, Neil Young, and America, then you’ll love what FREEMAN has to offer.

I was instantly surprised by how much I liked this record. All of these songs sound like they’re on some great 90’s movie soundtrack. Empire Records, Happy Gillmore – whatever. When a movie would tap into nostalgia before we all had it instantly available to us… there was something special about that. That’s what FREEMAN excels at here. Whether it’s “Lay On” - a quintessential 70’s style ballad that’s one Chuck Mangione solo from being epic – or “All About Love” with it’s crunchy guitars and catchy choruses, FREEMAN takes his influences and perfectly pays homage to them across this record.

If you’re looking for something a little outside of your comfort zone to listen to and love, then FREEMAN’s Truth is among the best suggestions I can offer. Whether he’s channeling Jager, Dylan, Petty, Bowie, or whoever; he’s doing it damn well. Surprisingly, we loved a lot of different moments on this record. Listen to it and you might be able to say the same.


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