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Parade of Lights

Human Condition Pt. 1

Once a quartet and now a trio, Parade of Lights just released a new EP, Human Condition – Pt. 1 which means they have a Pt. 2 ready, or almost ready, and they basically decided to release an album in two parts. Still, this is five songs and we’ll treat it as an EP.

Parade of Lights has been around since 2014 and they’ve always been favorites of ours. Ryan Daly, frontman and primary songwriter has always written some fantastic melodies and he’s produced the music at a more than capable level too. Drummer Anthony Improgo, known to some as the drummer for Metro Station, does an unreal job with Paraade of Lights too, coming up with some cool parts and helping Daly and Michelle Ashleys round out a solid lineup. On this EP, Daly does some magnificent work writing music and melody and he’s come up with some of his catchiest stuff to date. Whether that’s the banger “Tidal Waves” or the vibe-filled track, “Touch” – Daly is in top form on all off these songs. If you liked anything the band did in the past, then you’ll love everything about this EP. Daly has a unique style and he holds true to that style on the EP, and Improgo has a recognizable bravura behind the kit that’s fun to listen to too.

Still, as good as this EP is it’s not quite on the same level as their debut album is. There’s not a song on here that’s as good as “Burn”, “Island”, “Feeling Electric”, or even “Golden.” There’s lots to like and we’ll reserve final judgement when the second part of the album comes out.


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