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Love is Dead

Chvrches, the synthpop/new-wave trio from Scotland return with their third record and their follow up to Every Open Eye. The album is Love is Dead and lyrically it’s a bunch of songs about heartbreak and similar themes. It’s a stark contrast of message to medium with the vocal from Chvrches frontwoman Lauren Mayberry’s candy-coated vocal delivery and the trio’s lushly produced anthematic songs.

Although most of these songs have made their way out over the past few months, they still feel fresh. If you’re in the right mood, listening to a Chvrches song can always feel like you’re hearing it for the first time. Songs like the catchy “Miracle”, “Get Out”, and “Deliverance” all have lasting power and they’re all great songs thanks to production and the vocal from Mayberry. There are also lots of interesting songs like “Graffiti” – what might be the best song on the entire album; and “Never Say Die” – a mish-mash of the main title score from Goonies with the famous tag line. There’s lots to love on the record, except for when they try a bit too hard on songs like “God’s Plan.”

Every Open Eye is a tough act to follow but, in some ways, Chvrches matches that and tops it. As an entire record, it’s tough to say that this one is better. Some of these songs have more lasting power and they really add the potential for some epic moments this summer when the band goes on tour.


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