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Kids in the Night Part 1

Los Angeles rock act Weathers busted out onto the scene with “I Don’t Wanna Know” and “Happy Pills” in 2016, but they’re going to head to the next level with their two-part EP Kids in the Night. Mostly because the sound they’re establishing on this EP is just so damn cool. It’s indie but mainstream at the same time. It’s retro but polished, and it’s really filthy..

The four songs on the first part of Kids in the Night are all outstanding. “I’m not OK” is a straight-across rock track that uses the band’s awesome guitar work from Cameron Boyer and Cameron Olsen and the awesome vocal from Boyer perfectly. “1983” is a lot like Neon Trees before their more popular days (not like their song “1983” but there’s a similar new age/dirty vibe to things.) “The Night is Calling” is an 80’s style synth banger that’s atmospheric and catchy as hell. “Carry Us Home” is reminiscent of Night Riots, but not quite as brooding.

Kids in the Night – Part 1 could be the start of a big year for Weathers. RCA has a badass young band on their roster to start this year and this EP is a big step for this L.A. band that hopefully does some amazing.


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