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Frank Turner

Be More Kind

A busy year from Frank Turner sees him release a new album, Be More KindSongbook
Turner’s last couple of albums have been of the more laid-back folk variety but this music tackles everything from Trump and isolationism to repeating some of history’s biggest mistakes. That’s all well and good but what’s notable is how he’s singing about these songs. He does it effortlessly. If you can use ‘in there like swimwear’ in a song multiple times and have it be super-meaningful to a message that you’re trying to get across – then I have to tip a hat to you don’t I? It’s straightforward way to something magnificent and he does that all over this record.'

Frank Turner’s Be More Kind can come off a little preachy to some, but to others the messages will resonate in a big way. The message is great and so is the music. I can’t say that the songs here are better than “The Way I Tend To Be” or “Recovery”, but as a set Be More Kind is a stronger record than Tape Deck Heart, and that’s saying something.


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