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Unleashed Beyond

I'm never one to really go all ga ga at re-releases of albums with a few acoustic tracks, remixes and the odd bonus track. They simply seem to be a way of milking more money out of the record buying public. 'Unleashed' was a magnificent album taking the traditional Skillet sound and giving it a pop twist. All those songs remain in their entirety. On top of that you get some remixes of some of those songs, which serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever, together with 5 bonus tracks of unreleased material. The 5 tracks are well worth owning. 'Breaking Free' is old school Skillet featuring Lacey Sturm accompanying John Cooper on vocals, 'Stay Til the Daylight' highlights the softer side of Skillet, whilst 'Brave' is an uplifting Christian style ballad. 'You Get Me High' and 'Set It Off' are new era Skillet rockers and being absolute bangers they should perhaps have made it onto the original album release in place of some of the more ballad orientated moments.
If you already own the original album, it's not worth forking out the extra money for 'Beyond' and my advice would be to download the five new bonus tracks on their own. 'Unleashed' was a great album and the addition of these songs makes it even better.


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