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Twin Shadow, aka George Lewis Jr. has been known for his 80’s-inspired dark-pop anthems. His music is a little like Depeche Mode mixed with Prince. Twin Shadow has been great in the past, but he might be at his best with Caer.

Following up the promotion of his last album, Eclipse the artist got in a serious bus accident while on tour. The accident resulted in him having to have reconstructive hand surgery. The event was traumatic for Lewis and it spurred him creatively for the new album. Some of it is contrasting his low of that moment and the moments to follow with cheer-soaked melodies and synth-rhythms, other times it’s a direct reflection of that moment with some very dark atmospheric back beats and just Twin Shadow singing on top of them. Either way, you can tell just by listening through this album that his life was changed in a big way by that incident. When listening through the set you can’t help but empathize with some of the emotions he was going through.

With the lyrical content and with the story of these songs – they’re all deep, but from a musical/sonic level – that’s where this album is interesting. The first three songs are all features and they’re all of the popppier variety. After that, the rest of the album is filled with a variety of different songs that share the common thread with Twin Shadow’s influences and inspirations on previous records. That makes for a compelling listen. Especially on songs like “Littlest Things”, “Too Many Colors” and plenty of others.
Twin Shadow’s Caer has some very good moments to it. There are a few dull moments too, but for the most part it’s a tremendous album from an artist that converted anguish to creative passion. Some of the best art reflects life, this can be used as example A. of that.


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