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These Are The Days

It's been nearly six years since the band's last album-the excellent 'View From The Bottom'-and the band seem quite at home doing things exactly when they feel like it. It's only to be expected from a band that first came to prominence in the late 90's with the classic 'A Place In the Sun' they've slowed down and power to them for it; the Californian sun must certainly help.

If you're expecting the latest album to continue where 'View' left off then you're in for a shock. The bombast has been replaced by what can only be described as “new” country rock. It's not that it's bad, it isn't. But I'd really rather not hear it from Lit and to that end this album is a disappointment.

Pitched somewhere between Dallas Smith's modern country and the pop styling of Boys Meet Girls, the opening salvo of 'Night In the Life' and 'Good Problem To Have' conjure up images of top down driving in the Californian summer sun with their uplifting melodies and easy on the ear refrains. Vocalist Ajay Popoff adapts his voice to the country hue accordingly and at times the band are almost unrecognizable from the band that belted out 'My Own Worst Enemy'. The title track, 'Someday Maybe' and 'Just Feels Right' offer nothing over and above what you would hear on 'CMT' and at times it becomes cliched both lyrically and musically; 'Headstone' being a prime example. 'Easy' is probably the nearest Lit come to their original sound where harmony guitar parts meander among melodies that seem like a throwback to the ballad orientated moments on 'Atomic'; alas it's a solitary moment.

As a new country album there's no doubt that this album holds up well. What it doesn't do is continue the legacy of a band that once rocked out and I'd imagine that many fans-many still carrying the torch for Lit-will be just a little bit miffed with the change in musical direction.


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