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Mr. Industry

Brazil-born and Brooklyn-based Added Color are back with a new EP called Mr. Industry. The EP is a straightforward rock set and a set that can still impress people who respect the power that pure music, especially pure rock music can still have.

The EP isn’t over-polished and produced, it plays across as an organic sound. Guitarists Kiko Freiberg and Tim Haggerty play extremely well across these four songs and Kiko doubles as the vocalist for the band and does a tremendous job.

“Panic Attack” is a clear highlight off the EP, with it’s cool introduction and its frantic vibe sets the tone for the rest of the EP. The title track off the EP is perhaps the coolest song, Kiko really shows off on the song in the verses and the overall song is fun and interesting.

These five songs will find an audience, it might be a niche audience, but it will be an audience all the same. The band is actually really good but they took a different approach to this EP that won’t resonate with everyone, but it will get the attention of who it needs to.


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