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Kansas City, MO four-piece act RNGDS – or Renegades – depending where you see it – is a cool post-hardcore act with some influences from different subgenres of rock music including mainstream, metal, and punk.

The band’s self-titled EP from the band is a good introduction to the group. Musically, the band has a thick sound that’s intense and melodic at the same time. Vocalist Chase Peterson can scream as needed and he can sing extremely melodically as well. He’s a huge asset for the band but he’s not the only asset for the band. Myles Clayborne on drums is a monster and Seth Roberts and Joshua Wood are outstanding on guitar and bass.

The EP starts out interesting with some dramatic piano and then quickly build into thick metal core music that never really slows down from there. “Deception”, “Extortion”, and “Hysteria” are all good tracks that fans of the genre will appreciate. That said, the band hits another gear with “I.H.Y.M.S.” and keeps that going through the final two songs of the EP, “Endless” and “New World.”

Renegades’ debut EP is hopefully the first of many sets from the KC band. They’ve got the potential to earn their keep on a national touring level. Hopefully this is the first big step of many for the group.


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