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The fifth record from Thirty Seconds to Mars is America, a political statement from the band about the state of the world and the state of our country. Jared Leto has always been a touch eccentric and for the most part, that’s served him well. With America, the band and their label have thrown up huge billboards across the country and they’ve used controversial buzz words pertinent to the U.S. for their album cover and their billboard. So, already there’s a certain tone set to this by Leto, his brother Shannon and the underrated Tomo Miličević.

America is more of a pop record from Thirty Seconds to Mars than we’ve ever heard before and LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS certainly had a lot of those elements in it too. That said, “Walk on Water”, “Dangerous Night”, “Rescue Me”, and “Great Wide Open” are all pretty much pop singles. The radio-friendly music is cool, but oddly enough 30 Seconds to Mars also pretty much abandoned guitars with their new album. This record is as synth-heavy as a record can be. Almost everything on this record is beat-driven. Sometimes it’s cool, but you also look at the alternative – if “Rescue Me” was a guitar driven track it would be possibly the coolest 30 STM song ever. There are a few other songs on the record that you can say the same thing about.

Guitar abandonment aside, there are still some great moments on the record – the first three songs on the album, despite being extremely pop-centric are all great. The features with A$AP Rocky and Halsey are both cool moments on the album too.

Thirty Seconds to Mars are an outstanding act and Jared Leto remains one of the world’s most premiere performers on stage and off it. The new Thirty Seconds to Mars album isn’t the best one they’ve released but it’s another solid addition to their catalog that their fans will appreciate.


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