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The Aces

When My Heart Felt Volcanic

The Aces, the four-piece all-woman band from Utah recently put out their debut full-length album, When My Heart Felt Volcanic. It’s every bit as good as we thought it was going to be a few months ago when they released their first EP. Cristal Ramirez and her sister Alisa, along with McKenna Petty and Katie Henderson make up a more than capable group. Their ability to write catchy music with sweet harmonies while being able to maintain a message or story is incredible. When my Heart Felt Volcanic lives up to the hype from The Aces and then it goes a little beyond that too.

Their melodies are catchy and unique, and they fit the vocal ability of Cristal Ramirez perfectly. The vocal from Ramirez is incredible too. Her voice the perfect fit for what The Aces do. It always comes across as effortless. The rest of the group is just as talented and the production across the album is solid and polished. There’s not much to change or criticize in that regard.

If there’s anything that you can say regarding this record, it’s that the songs are a bit repetitive. There are some retreads from the EP, but from song to song everything is a little bit too much like everything else. A little variety on the record would go a long way. It’s their first record, that’s something that they’ll get better at as they go.

The Aces When My Heart Felt Volcanic will win over plenty of people, as it should. It showcases one of music’s best new groups and hopefully a talent that will be around for years to come.


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