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Dallas, TX band Messer’s self-titled debut album is a mix of heavy, industrial-type music seemingly taking influences from some of mainstream rock’s greatest acts of the past decade – everything from Linkin Park to Nine Inch Nails with a little bit of Filter and Theory of a Deadman thrown in. Intentional or not, you can hear a little bit of all those bands and a little bit more in the band’s sound. On their debut self-titled album lead singer Dereak Messer and his crew put together something that plays like an ode to rock’s recent past and the product is an album that’s got a lot of potential and even more replayability.

Messer gets a lot of things right on their debut album. First and foremost is their production. You’re not likely to find a modern-era rock record that sounds as good as this album does. All over the record the music is pristine. The Nine Inch Nails and Filter influence rears it’s head on most of these songs because of the production. Not so much because of how well it’s produced but because the guitars and drums are synced up so well they sound like they’re industrialized. As for the Theory of a Deadman influence, Dereak Messer’s vocal delivery is a lot like Tyler’s even though his voice is slightly different.

You’ll love how this record sounds and a good chunk of these songs are excellent. That said, a few of them have some weak moments in them. An odd vocal choice or just a weird moment in a melody can hold back a song’s potential. Those are the kinds of things that Messer runs into on their debut album. Looking at the album in it’s entirety, it feels like they’re just missing bonus questions on a test.

Messer is good. They’re really good. The band has a ton of potential and with the amount of work they’re willing to put in on the road we can’t help but think they’ll reach that potential. This is a solid introduction to a band that will hopefully be around for a long time.


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