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Sense Field

Living Outside

Formed in 1987 as Reason to Believe, Sensefield didn’t become their moniker of choice until 1991, when a rebellion against everything hardcore brought about the release of the first Sensefield e.p ‘Blue’. Sure to be classed as “new rock” as a result of their polished sound, the company that they have kept – they have toured with Fugazi, Jimmy Eat World, and their last visit to the U.K was as support to Sparklehorse - and the similarities to countless others, Sensefield are in fact old stalwarts of the scene. The song writing reflects this with material boasting eclecticism and maturity. Conversely this eclecticism denies Sensefield any true identity; the modern rock of ‘Burn’ with its Mike Oldfield inspired keyboards, rubs shoulders uncomfortably with the Coldplay tinged ‘I Refuse’, the boorish punk of ‘Memory’ and the Prime STH sound alike ‘Take What You Want’ to offer the listener an above average modern rock album, but not an outstanding one.


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