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Jukebox The Ghost

Off to the Races

Jukebox The Ghost has created something extraordinary with their latest album, Off to the Races. The entire album is unpredictable and complicated musically and lyrically. Really, it’s just weird. That’s a good thing. On this album Jukebox is like modern-era Queen with a little less drama and some added pop sensibilities.

For weird, the best example is the opening song of the album, “Jumpstarted.” When we talked with frontman Ben Thornewill about the song he mentioned that it was a song that he’s work on daily just adding weird layer after layer to it. That’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s complicated, and at times it’s a bit messy, but it’s so much fun. The song is a big dramatic opening to the album and it sets the tone perfectly. Nothing else is quite as out there as “Jumpstarted” is, but the songs are all good. Thornewill and his partner in crime with Jukebox The Ghost, Tommy Siegel do an awesome job of writing for this record. Musically everything is great, the production sounds outstanding, and there’s not a bad melody on this record.

Jukebox The Ghost has their best record with Off to the Races. It’s an album you’ll want to listen to repeatedly and an album that Jukebox fans will be extremely happy with.


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