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Matt Talley

The in Between

If you’re up for some solid alternative music, then you should check out Matt Talley. The solo artist has put together an outstanding 7-song EP that’s as good as a listen from an independent artist that I’ve heard in the past five years. Talley’s vocal is top-notch. His lyrical content is controversial but still original, and his songwriting is a throwback. Talley’s skill with the pen rivals some of the great craftsman from the 90’s and 2000’s that ruled the genre. Talley’s EP, The in Between will likely be a favorite at the indie rock level for us at the end of the year because it’s really that good.

Talley’s vocal has a lot of soul and a lot of personality. You can hear and feel the wounds in his words as he sings these songs, something that’s an accomplishment. As far as the production goes, it matches the music capably. It’s well done. I’ve heard major label productions in the genre not sound as good as this release.

Talley’s “The in Between” is an EP to check out. It’s a new favorite at the indie level for us and if you give it a listen you’ll likely connect with this music too. Listen wherever you listen – Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, whatever… if you like 90s/2000s alt-rock you’re likely to love this.


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