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Stone Temple Pilots

Stone Temple Pilots

The new Stone Temple Pilots album serves as a solid introduction to new lead singer Jeff Gutt. There’s nothing too incredibly ambitious about the twelve song set, most of it is middling rock care of the DeLeo Brothers, but none of it is bad either.

Guitt is more than capable. He’s kind of a badass on songs like “Good Shoes” and “Middle of Nowhere.” It’s not that big of a stretch from the late Scott Weiland to Gutt, they sound somewhat similar even if Weiland had more personality to his vocal. Gutt does an excellent job here, he’s not a weak link on the album and that’s saying something. The true stars of this album are the DeLeo brothers, the guitar work is as good as it always is– listen to “Good Shoes” – it’s like a clinic in rock solos. There are other songs on the record that hold up too, but the problem is that there’s only three or four of them. The rest of the record is a middling downtempo collection of songs to chill out to. There aren’t a lot of rockers on here and that’s something that would have been nice if they unleashed more of.

Stone Tempe Pilots self-titled record with Jeff Gutt isn’t a bad effort, but it’s probably not going to be a memorable one either. It’s something for old fans to listen to and connect with on tour and at home and that’s really all the band was looking to do.


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