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Three Days Grace’s fifth album Outsider is their best since Life Starts Now. The album sees the band utilize a lot of space and really going with the rhythm-driven rock that they were doing well before the release of their third album, Transit of Venus. There’s not a song on this album that’s not likable for fans of the band’s early iteration.

The first notable with this album is Matt Walst. After the departure of Adam Gontier, the band released Human and it really wasn’t that good. A lot of that was because the younger Walst was trying to step into his own with the band. It wasn’t a bad record, it was just average. This record however, features an outstanding performance from Matt Walst. His vocal is dark and brooding, raspy and edgy and really adds something to what Three Days Grace is doing here. The other notable with this record is the music. It’s just good. It was written well. The band’s not trying to do too much, they’re just letting Walst’s vocal takeover and using some timely production to really add something to the overall album experience.

On Outsider Three Days Grace is doing all the right things and hitting all the right buttons. It’s not just a great record for fans of mainstream rock, fans of the band, or fans of the 00’s era of rock, it’s just a great record. Loving this record from Three Days Grace, give it a listen and you’ll love it too.


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