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Company of Thieves

Better Together EP

When Wind-Up records was still a thing and when they were making their shift away from strictly a mainstream rock boutique label to a full-fledged nation-wide genre-spanning level, they might not have done that as well as they could have. Still, when talking to A&R people at other labels and other producers there was a consensus of envy regarding two bands on the label’s roster. The first was Civil Twilight, something that makes complete sense, the other was Company of Thieves. The Civil Twilight jealousy also makes sense. The trio from Chicago featuring vocalist Genevieve Schatz was a great band during their Wind-Up tenure and they’re a great band again now that they’re back on the scene with a new EP, Better Together .

The new EP features three new songs and two live versions. The live versions are of “Treasure” – a new song on this release – and “Oscar Wilde” – the song that the band is most known for. Out of the new songs all three of them are good. Schatz hasn’t lost her touch as a badass frontwoman and the guitars in those songs are all exemplary. “Treasure” instantly goes into the top tier of songs from the band. It’s melodic and a bit catchy, but mostly it just rocks. The live version on this EP is just as cool to listen to as the studio version. The other two songs aren’t anything to scoff at either – Schatz wails through those songs like only she can. The only wish here is that there was more to listen to; having at least two more new studio songs would have made this EP more endearing than it is.

There are a few bands that have been overlooked over the years and you can count Company of Thieves among them. They’re an amazing band that deserves more attention. Maybe they never got the recognition they deserved was because they never had that true anthem-like song to get everyone going to the shows. “Oscar Wilde” was close, but it’s not really a song that’s known by a mainstream audience – even in the alternative genre. “Treasure” might get closer to that status, but it’s too early to tell. Regardless, it’s awesome to have this trio making music together again. Here’s hoping there’s more on the horizon and hoping this gets the attention it deserves.


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