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The self-titled release from Pop Evil is the band’s way of evolving to a more modern sound. It’s not surprising that this is the record they made, but it is surprising that they’re this good at it. Out of all the mainstream rock outfits from the post-grunge era; Three Days Grace, Hinder, Nickelback, etc. – it’s surprising that Pop Evil is the band to evolve the best. Even more surprising is that you can determine that just from this record.

Not everything on this record is this brilliant modernized release from the Michigan-based group. It starts out normal for a Pop Evil record and the first four songs could fit easily on the band’s last release. Something happens after that; the music evolves to something that’s almost indie rock. It’s light on the production and vocal filters and it sounds raw and pure – like good rock music. The first half of the record is bland, but the second half of the record is brilliant. It’s fun to listen to and frontman Leigh Kakaty does a brilliant job of driving this record through the second part of the album.

To be honest, it’s hard to get excited about a Pop Evil record more than ten years since the band’s inception. The best outcome was thought to be a couple new songs for their live set and a record the band’s diehards would pick up. Instead, we got a modernized effort from a band that’s pure in some of the best places. The self-title from Pop Evil here is perfect because this is how they were always meant to sound.


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