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The Wrecks

Panic Vertigo EP

After their debut EP was released last year, five-piece band The Wrecks from Thousand Oaks, CA are back with a new five-song EP called Panic Vertigo that’s every bit as good as their debut. The EP stands out as a great introduction to a band that is likely to be a new favorite for fans of the alternative/indie rock genre.

Big on guitar licks and even bigger on catchy chorus melodies, the band is impressive all over this EP. Lyrically, it’s easy to like what they do on songs like “James Dean” - they have an unorthodox style that works well. The same can be said for “Figure This Out” and “Way With Words.” Nick Anderson – frontman of The Wrecks – does some amazing stuff all over this record. His vocal is a standout part of the band and this EP and the guitars of Nick Schmidt and Westen Weiss are the other. You can listen to lots of music released from the past five years but you’re not going to find guitar work that’s done as well as this is.

The Wrecks are a new personal favorite. These five songs are great and so is the band. The vocals and the musicianship are all superb and the song writing is even better. Be sure to check out The Wrecks, you won’t regret it.


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