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Crooked Shadows

More than eight years since releasing his last Dashboard Confessional album, Chris Carrabba takes the approach of further contemporizing the sound of his best-known band with his new release Crooked Shadows.

It’s hard to call this album an LP because Crooked Shadows is only nine songs long. Not sure I understand why, after almost a decade, that he didn’t have one or two more songs to stick on this to make it a better listen for Dashboard fans.

That’s not to say that it’s not an enjoyable dive into the world of Dashboard Confessional - because even though this album is a little quirky with nine songs and three features including what’s basically a Cash Cash and Dashboard Confessional song – it’s a nine-song album that can quickly remind you of why Dashboard can be so good in the first place. “We Fight” is the best Dashboard song since the release of Dusk and Summer. “About Us” is a pop-friendly anthem that could score big for Dashboard and label Fueled By Ramen. And “Heart Beat Here” is an anthem-like Dashboard song only Carrabba could possibly write.

Having any new music from Dashboard Confessional is welcome, having nine new songs after really giving up on having anything new with the moniker is even better. Yes, it’s short and a couple of the songs are a little odd – but it’s also Dashboard, and for some of us that’s enough.


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