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The Wombats

Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life

The Wombats, a trio out of Liverpool, have steadily been on the rise since their debut came out in 2007. That album, A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation was a solid introduction to the band. This Modern Glitch was a decent follow-up to that record, but the real success came with their 2015 album, Glitterbug. That’s where the band hit more of the mainstream crowd. Their new album, Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life has the potential to spread the word of The Wombats even further with plenty of catchy/melodic songs and a sound that’s all their own.

The Wombats have always been good at doing two things during their tenure; writing catchy songs and writing quirky lyrics. Songs here like “Cheetah Tongue”, “Lemon to a Knife Fight”, and “Black Flamingo” don’t just have goofy titles, the lyrics through the verses and choruses fit those titles. That’s not all that sets The Wombats apart from other bands but it’s something that makes them unique. “Lemon to a Knife Fight” is outstanding. There’s something uniquely odd but also relatable that makes it a fun song to sympathize with Matthew Murphy’s point of view. Added with the lyrical content on this album is the use of a lot of very cool production. There’s not a dull moment on this record.

Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life is just as good as the band’s previous album. When a band has an album like The Wombats’ previous release – that rarely happens. This new album is ridiculously fun and immensely enjoyable and something that you’re sure to find something to like – even if it’s a little outside of what you normally listen to.


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