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Handsome Ghost

Welcome Back

The English teacher turned indie alt pop artist Handsome Ghost aka Tim Noyes is back – with a full-length LP called Welcome Back. While it’s not as catchy as what we heard from Tim a couple of years ago with his Brilliant Glow EP, it’s more sophisticated and an altogether more polished listen than anything Handsome Ghost has released up to this point.

The biggest difference between what Tim is doing on this music and what he did with his previous stuff is that he keeps things simple here. He lets his rich falsetto vocal do 9/10 of the work and he accents everything else alongside of his powerful vocal. Even when there’s some electronics/synths used on the songs – they aren’t the hook in the music – that’s all Noyes’ voice.

All this album is brilliant. Even songs like “Honest Mistake” that we’ve heard before sound fresh and full of life. Look for Handsome Ghost to have some big time success this year with this latest music, it’s a great album – something that’s a bit surprising based on the EP we heard a few years ago.


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