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Don't You Worry Honey

The long-awaited sophomore album from Sir Sly, Don’t You Worry Honey is an exercise in contrast. Lyrically, the album is as sad one, especially when Sir Sly’s frontman Landon Jacobs is singing about failed love or his mother’s passing. Sonically, the songs are so beautiful and some of them uplifting that you can’t really help but be comforted by them.

They myriad of influences that Sir Sly draw from show up here. Everything from rap and gospel to indie rock and pop is drawn from and they’re doing it far better here than they did on their debut album. There’s a lot of variety in sounds and mood on this record and that’ one of many reasons why it’s so listenable. The other thing that’s notable with this record is Jacobs’ performance. He was good last time but with this record it feels like he flipped on a switch. He’s more confident, he’s more purposeful and even though his vocal comes across as vulnerable – it’s also this really matter of fact way of singing that fits these songs very well.

It’s interesting that the two LPs from Sir Sly sound like opposites. The first album was depressing when it was meant to sound happy while you can say the reverse of that for this new album. The other contrast is the performance of Jacobs, he just come across like an all new singer on this record. It’s a couple of months old, it was released at the tail-end of 2017, but it’s remarkably good and it’s well worth your time. Be sure to listen to Don’t You Worry Honey, you won’t regret it.


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